Friday, August 3, 2007

The Beginning....

The night is on the high, a dawn too far.

Slowly and steadily, the mist is killing me, none at my side for the little warmth i crave.

Its all over, its all done, they have won the battle and i have lost the war.

Then i hear, A small voice. Only i can hear it, only i can feel it.

It says nothing, explains nothing. Its nothing but a small voice.

Then i suddenly start to roar, i tear open the darkness and save the dawn and swallow it whole.

Now i am the dawn. I am the light. I am the fire.

The battle begins again....

What is the most important thing in your life? What is that without which you wouldn't survive? What is that thing that makes you as you are?

Long times have we pondered on such questions. Wasted infinite amounts of time and space on worthless theories, looking down alleys that lead nowhere. Looking for "someone" who will show you the right door. Always feeling sad and down that we never get the answers to our questions. I have a question for you. Are you asking the right questions?

Imagine a whole field of weeds and insects. You are assigned the job of cleaning up the place and removing all the infestation. What will you do? Sit down there and brood why and how weeds and insects have evolved through the ages or, feel pity for them since they are also living beings and you have no right to hurt them and its all in Lords hands to do all the dirty work? Would you think like that?

I'll tell you how the man does it. He would'nt waste his time over the so called philosophical or spiritual aspects of his work. He will roll up his slevees and get his nails dirty, and his back will only straighten again, when his work well done. Then he will walk away, tired and hungry, and with a smile of satisfaction on his face.

Have you ever asked yourself, when was the last time you had that smile? How many times you felt that it is not just your limbs or mind you have put in your work but your entire soul? We do nothing, but wander aimlessly in our life, searching for a purpose or a goal,or a person or a thing which will give meanig to our existence, but we don't realize that we are the ones that give life into them and not the reverse.

Man is the one who defines the surroundings around him. He is the one who chooses the road to walk upon, and sometimes makes his own roads. All i say is that, don't waste your time sleeping on the rooftops, seaching for yourself among the stars but stand straight, stretch yourself to the limit and go beyond them.

Don't ask yourself "why should i do it?" or "can i do it?" and stuff like that. Close your eyes for a moment, find that little voice, find that spark in you. Then you will be asking yourself "what do i need, to do this thing?" and "how should i go about doing this thing?". They are the right questions.

You have been sent here with a purpose, and the best part of the story is that you get to choose it, and that's nothing but the most important thing you wish to have in your life.That's your baby you wish to make with your own hands, with your blood, sweat, tears. Feed it with love and care and watch it evolve.

The ending is the best, since you will have that smile on your face, since you just didn't live your life, but also left a legend in every step you took.

Remember. Its not what you do or how you do, that defines you. Its why you do that forms your core.

Shed your inhibitions and fears. Forget the world. Forget yourself. Just go out there, onto the battlefield and get what you want. Grab whatever you can get out of your life. Trust me, there will be no more regrets or sadness in your life, since the day is fought long and hard, and of all the above, a small smile acknowledges your victory.