Thursday, March 24, 2011

On one lonely night

The email contains nothing but 3 black & white photos. As usual. She nods her head from side to side, with a muted smile. He tries so hard to impress her all the time. Showing off with his half sketched writings and incomplete frames. Should she like him for his efforts or pity him for his attempts? Either way sounds the same.

She takes the road less traveled.

A single click here and here and she's done seeing his photos. Likes them but finds something missing. As usual. Gives him a call and asks him not to send anymore photos again. "Why?" he asks, "Are they not good?" "No."
"There is no Then" she frowns. "There is not a point sending them to me. I'm not a professional photographer."
"That's not the reason why am sending them to you every time."

I Love you.


"So", a smile explains, "You've become my most important person ever and I wanna share all that's me and mine with you."

"I don't want to."

"I understand. I'll wait"

"I don't want you to"

"I'm not doing it for you love. Its for my love. I'm holding onto the most precious thing I ever saw and loved. I don't need you near to feel you love. Your thoughts in my mind. Your presence in my heart. Your picture in my wallet. Couldn't ask for more. Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there."

She cuts the call. Bloody fellow.Always talks this nonsense.
She switches off the light and lies down on the mattress. Its late and she has to wake up early for work. Pulls the blanket around her tighter and closes her eyes. Bloody fellow. Always talks this nonsense.

A couple of curses and a couple of minutes later, the weight of a long day takes over the steering. Slowly, her eyes become heavy and breathing goes steady. His gentle humming in her ears, softly cradles her into a dreamless sleep.