Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is no dream.
This is no movie.
Room is dark. The Moon light through the frosted glass window fell directly on us.
We both lay naked on the bed.
My head on her breasts.
No movement from us. Both are totally exhausted.
After 22yrs of patient waiting, I just lost my virginity.

The whole room remains quiet. Watching us from every corner.
The AC blows on. Successfully bringing us closer. She is gently ruffling my hair.
I hang on tighter.
I keep still, listening to her rhythmic beats, as my fingers play with her body.
Fingers walking here and there. Velvet to Velvet.

Ears engrossed in counting her beats per minute.
Eyes mesmerized by the shape of her nipple against the light.
Then she speaks…
“You do realize that this is just a one night stand! Right?”
“Ya! I do.” A voice calls out from me.

Then it hits me hard.
The final brick in reality hits me hard.
What was I thinking? She was never mine.
Probably, never meant to be.
But still…
My lips fumble in search of hers.
Hand to Hand. Head to Head. Heart to Heart.
We do it again.
She’s a monster. I barely manage to catch my breath now and then.
My body busy with pleasure. My mind far from it.

As we sweat it out, my thoughts drift afar.
Tomorrow she will move on. Both in form and implication.
Tomorrow I won’t be alive anymore. Only in implication.
Things will never be the same. My love has changed me.
There is a naked girl in front of me and all I can think of is…what do you do when you want something very badly and you know it ain’t coming your way?

Finishing it for the second time and she falls on me, tired and full.
I realized that my face is wet with tears.
“Did it hurt you or something?” She asks.
No is my answer. Yes is the truth.
“You better get some rest. You look real tired.”
She is right. I could barely keep my eyes open.

I watch her sleep all night long.
Cuddled up in the sheets. Her head on my chest, her hand on my waist… I watch her sleep.
She turns around. Her bare back towards me. Softer than any pillow I touched. Slowly without disturbing her I lay my head on it.
I start counting again…

Morning slowly replaces night.
A day was about to begin. Mine was to end.
I get up and dress up quick. Her parents will wake up.
“Going already?” she is awake. Hair unkempt. Blanket barely covering her body as she yawns the question out. Oh my god! She is so sexy.
“Ya, I got some work to do. Close the door and sleep. Will wake you with a ring later.”
“Am I going to see you again?” she asks.

I turn around. I can see that we both are there. A second in time when we both felt it.
A moment where last night was still alive.
The moment passed…
“Na, I don’t think so. Will be a little busy.” I walk away.
As I step down the stairs, I hear her close the door.

Here, I close mine.