Saturday, December 6, 2008

By Chaitanya Anusha

Kedar is his name (Of course, you know that already. Sorry for redundancy)
He is also known as K and KD;
Age: 22 (as on November 26th, 2008);
Body growth level: Okay;
Mind growth level: Lower Kindergarten;
K is the simplest form of a human being.
K thinks.
K writes.
K reads.
K runs.
K sings.
K dances.
K draws.
K doesn't know how to take care of himself.
K bathes only when absolutely necessary (no, this isn't for water conservation)
K eats and sleeps on a minimum basis only when he wants to.
K likes to be silent.
K speaks only when he really has something to say.
K tries to crack very funny jokes.
K likes to listen.
K is very selfish. (if you know what selfish is)


K is committed (This is new! Did you know that?!)

(Is this called a testimonial?)