Wednesday, September 10, 2008


If the doctor never told me that I’m a boy,
You would surely find, in my bag, a Barbie toy.

If my mom never told me that I have to go to school,
I would have sat in my house and be not a fool.

If my teacher never told me 1+1 make 2,
I never would have asked her “Says who?”

If my dad never told me that I should always save money,
There would be a hole in my pocket, and man! That would have been funny.

If my friend never told me that he got the first rank,
I probably never would have pushed him into that Tank.

If my girlfriend never told me that I’m her only Mr.
I surely would have also loved her sister.

If my boss never told me that I was the best in the team,
I would have left the company long back and chased my dream.

If my wife never told me that she wanted so much of that, and more of this,
I’m very sure she would have been Happy with just a kiss.

If my children never told me that I’m growing old,
I would have ended up being more cold and bold.

If my priest never told me that its time to redeem my sins,
I never would have walked with him till the bins.

All my life I’ve been told and told…
Listened to him, and listened to her, and now the mystery unfolds.

With ears closed and eyes open. Hands flung wide, and feet fast on the ground,
I see now what I’ve lost and found.

This is what I learnt. A statement from the best in me.
This completes my story which never even made sense to me.

If they never told me “that can’t be done!”
I guess doing that wouldn’t have been this Fun.