Monday, December 31, 2007

I Am a Hero !!

Let me face it....! I can never be a hero. I am not at all like the guy in Prison Break. Don't even have the brain to break out of my own house.... what the heck can i break out of prison ?? No super-powers either i.e. if you can exclude the magical power of dozing off, as soon as the lesson starts. Bollywood stunts are completely out of question ! Too lazy, too tired...... to run here and there, saving crying mothers, strict fathers, and rouge and lip stick dripping heroines. Boringggg !! Rather let the villain kill them all, and let me watch Tom and Jerry in peace.

But still..... i want to be a hero. They never stopped to inspire me.The way they go on carrying themselves. They way they conjure a solution out of thin air. And most importantly, the way people treat them. People always liked heroes. No matter where they come from or what they do....... people will surely stand for hours in the heat and cold, just for a fleeting glimpse of their favourite hero as these guys run into their Audi. Or people would surely stand at a busy intersection, straining into the sky above, arguing with each other, whether it was a bird, or a plane or, what the heck that they saw flying above their heads right now ?? Won't that be tooo coool ?? Obviously it would be !! To take a shotgun out of your sexy leather jacket, and with a real cool tough dude accent say "AstaLa'Vista, Baby".

Man ! That's life.

But hey...... i never got to enjoy all that. Just because i am not brainy, not brawny (i don't even know if that's a real word), and not that so called "hero" material........ doesn't mean i can not be a hero or at least be treated as one.
I know i am right.
Right ??
Right ????

Well....Whom am i fooling ? Let me face it. I can never be anyone of them. Never. Years went on, and i committed myself to this hard-to-digest facts of my life. Resigned to my fate to be a just another ordinary guy, with..... you know...... ordinary life to lead.

But, one fine day (just like the movies !!), she came and told me that...... picture abhi baaki hey dost ! She told me nothing much. Nothing great...... Just that i don't have to be ordinary no more. I was always born to special, to have big dreams, to do great things, and i have the power to make others believe that they too are as special as me.

She told me that...... even i can be a HERO !!

That's all she said, and she went back into the crowd. Never came back. But i'll never forgot what she gave me.

There is a hero in all of us. Take a small peek into your life. You will know. If you completed a very tough maths assignment, or a tough science project, which you thought you would never be able to even start !!........ you are a HERO. If you thought you don't the courage to apologize to your best friend, about the fight you had with him last night, and then you go........ and say sorry !! You are a HERO. If you felt liking tearing yourself apart for that one puff you want, real bad and then stand up and say "What the hell ?? I can surely live without that dumb cigarette".......and then My Friend, Congratulations, You are a HERO now.

Check your surroundings, There is heroism all around us. We all are heroes. We can be one. Just stand straight with the Right people who wish to the Right things in the world, and there........ you will get your Diploma in Hero management. (I don't even know what that means !!)

But trust me, this tougher than those filmi and cartoon heroes we see. Tougher than anything else. But at the end of the day, you will realize that you are the "ONE", and also that you are that real Hero of your Dreams.

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