Tuesday, March 18, 2008

That's Me.

Today I start living again.

I feel the sun. Too bright, too dim for my spirit.

I stare long and hard into the light... I feel my own eyes on me.

I don’t fear the fear no more. I’ve embraced it.

Yesterday was long… Tomorrow will be longer… Today will be the longest.

Every second seems to be stretched to an eternity. An eternity is too small for me.

My past can’t touch me. My future can’t see me. My present can’t catch up. What a Loser!!

I want everything. Everything is not what I need.

I don’t wish upon a star. I live among them.

I don’t believe in miracles. I am the only one.

Never complained. Will Never explain.

Don’t want to be good. Bad is not what I am. I am just right.

Deep mountains, Quiet storms, Tall oceans… My wish is my command.

I give nobody the right over me. I have nobody’s right over them.

I state no rules. Rules don’t exist. But… Isn’t that a rule in itself?

Don’t try to understand it. That has been done long back.

No contradictions exist.

No illusion can be stronger than its maker.

No We can be bigger than the I.

My words are my actions. My actions are me.

Strong are my arms. Strong are my legs. Strong is, every word I speak.

I don’t take, I create. I don’t continue I start. I don’t breathe, I live.

Nothing goes beyond my control. Beyond that, my control ceases.

I have been tough on Life. Poor thing! Pushed it too far.

Never learnt to give anything, coz I can only give, what you can give yourself.

I bend down and kiss my feet. I have fallen in love with myself. Just the way I love you, when you love yourself.

I won’t trade my life for anything or for anyone.

I sacrifice nothing. I oblige none. I will listen to all.

Long road, I have to walk before I sleep. I wish to run.

I choose to make a choice. That’s my bottom line.

I stand at the edge of Evolution. I fall over.

I am only an ordinary guy with extraordinary dreams.

Hence I say…

Today I start living again.

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