Saturday, October 4, 2008

a Love never in Vain

The wind gently kissed me.

A distant sun warming up to me for the love I can give.

The birds, all flocked around, chirping for a Hug which will bring flight into their hearts.

I sat there waiting for her, wondering what made nature love me so much that day!

Is it because that I am the luckiest man alive?
Death too, upon me, then and there, I bet can’t take away that luck from this young soul!

A young soul to which the world has opened up its bosom.
Care and comfort, rained upon him.
Something good and great. He could never comprehend (something to do with his hormones probably!)

She made his days pleasant and peaceful.
Nights calm and quiet.
She whispers him to sleep, all the sweet things that are in store for him tomorrow… and the days that follow.

Life was never, this clear to him.
Nothing bothered him anymore.

His past, too distant to be a pain.
His present, a bliss in honey!
His future, a rose about to blossom.

He never stopped to ask whether all this is real. Was it too good to be true?
Spring never came so early and stayed this long.
But why should he worry? All his world is none, but his angel of dreams… and here she comes in flesh and blood to talk to him, all those words of love and light, without which he could never live.

Why the hell this should not be too good to be true?


This, as he finds out, is too good to be true!

Those were no words of love and light, but brilliant flashes of darkness thrown at him, making him go blind, numb, and frightened.

He could sense his fallen angel repeating words, which he never thought, could be made into sentences…
Sentences, they were not, but a final ultimatum to all the things he holds dear.

Even now, he remembers not a word from all she has uttered. The essence always remained fresh in him.
The words were never important. Her eyes conveyed all the meanings.

He never knew when she finished her torture, when she walked away, when the night had fallen.
A blink of an eye and the Spring stolen from the Seasons. Forever.

The wind stopped blowing.

The sun hid its face.

The birds lost their voice.
Even they couldn’t believe the scene, they’ve just witnessed.
He couldn’t see their pain. They could see his.

I got up slowly, walked a few paces, something made me turn back.
I was not surprised to see the reel stuck, repeating the horror, in slow agony, again and again, till eternity.
My eyes refused to watch, legs refused to walk.

I had to run.
Run as fast as I can.
Run from this cursed place, before it can eat me alive, bit by bit.
But I guess it wouldn’t make any difference. Death has already come upon me and I just stand there… without my heart.

This dead man could never remember how he spent all these days. (Sheer luck, I suppose!)
But nature abhors no vacuum.
Fear got better of me, lost in pain and lost in life.

Days always cried, nights always taunted.
Asked me about her. They already knew the answer. I guess they wanted me to know too.
I didn’t want to accept it.
I don’t want to face it.

Truth gives knows no options. No room for excuses.

Is this how its going to end?
Is this how he’s going down?
Is this how I wish to complete what I started long back?

Why ask questions when you don’t know what to ask?
Give not this young soul hope or inspiration. Give him not love or trust.
Preach him not, the stories of the Brave. Teach him not, the 101 ways to be Happy.

Just give him my word as I give it to you now.
Shake his hand. Pat his back.
Gift him the ten rupees Bar-one and tell him his love will never go in vain.

I’m sure he will smile back at you.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen people going to the temple to just take a blessing from God. Nobody visits tirupati with the idea that.."i will just pay a visit to god". They go to god for peace in life. The faith they have in him, reduces the confusion or stress in mankind that they are at more peace with themselves. All those guys who cannot believe in themselves, blame themselves for everything that happens or happened, say..."We are just puppets of God"

kedar is my name said...