Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I know I need a bath. I am dripping water from head to toe. I am lying on the ground. A distant light up above, shining brightly through the water falling on me. I might be under the street light, outside in the rain. Maybe in the bathroom, on the floor, with the bathroom light, a little too bright. I need to open my eyes to see the difference. I open. The conductor is asking me where do I get down. Why does he care? The guy standing to the right of the conductor’s left elbow is staring at me. He is carrying a heavy leather briefcase. Full hands shirt. Just ironed trousers. He is still staring. Does he know that I dint brush today? A couple of minutes, he stares away. I reach out and punch him. There is an ink stain on the top right corner of his left sleeve. It’s mocking me. I dint like that stain. I taste my blood. They pushed my onto the road. Its raining hard. I’m left alone under this lonely streetlight. I walk away smiling. He still doesn’t know where I am going.

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Anusha Chaitanya said...

It is so real, sounds so familiar. I could have had that dream and I could have been trying to understand where I was. And the second part, where he just doesn't want the other person to know where he's going. It can be that he himself doesn't know where he's going and he doesn't like it when he's asked, because, maybe, he thinks that the question itself was put in such a way that he should be knowing where he's going. So, he doesn't like it. Or, it might just be that he didn't want to answer that guy nor did he want that guy to know where he's going just because he didn't like that guy, as he was staring at him, which this guy doesn't like. This intent of this guy shows how simple he is in thinking, very close to how a kid thinks. [:)]