Monday, April 13, 2009


I knew she was the One. One look and I knew it had to be her. I was just headed home, sipping lemon tea, thinking about the Parent-free week ahead of me, when I caught sight of her. She was standing at the entrance saying bye to someone. I just couldn't take my eyes off her. I found an empty bench opposite her, and just sat there, forgetting to sip the tea, forgetting the time... forgetting to breathe.
She felt the same when she looked at me. She pretended to talk to that grey haired man, but kept throwing those quiet and shy glances at me. Standing at the threshold, her eyes were asking me to take the first step. Oh man!! This is love. I knew she is like that Rainbow about to disappear any second. I didn't want her to. She didn't want to. Alas! Too Late... The whistle sounded, and the train started to move. Her gaze stayed with me as long as it could. Then it got stuck to the last bogie of Guwahati Superfast Express and rolled away. Reality stepped in. I had to get up. I had to move. Finally, got my feet to work the way out. Walking towards the Station exit, one can always wonder, how a guy can fall in love with 6 girls (or was it 7 girls), just within 45 minutes of his trip to the Railway Station.


Anusha Chaitanya said...

Railway stations and trains are an ecosystem in themselves. A complete new world. A world in transit. It's so natural that these are places where the mind has no limits. It's a wonderful world. And if I ever have to escape, I'll escape into this world. :)

Harshath said...

Good. As usual.